Samurai Pants

12:52 PM

We are in a wonderful season of pushing on doors. And because of this, anxiety likes to creep into my dreams uninvited. At least this time, I awoke with a new perspective to hold onto....

I was walking through a store similar to Walgreens in my dream last night.

I had a long list of items that seemed non-existent in the store and my kids were all pitching Oscar winning fits.

It was a disaster.

I vaguely remember walking up to the cashier, placing my items onto the counter, and then wondering where the tv section was located.  

So, I asked her.  

She answered, "they are on the next aisle".  

I finished clearing out my cart and putting one child on the counter and told her that I would be right back.  

The line behind me grew longer.  

Their patience was running thin.  

I grabbed a tv and sprinted back to finish paying.

The kids continued crying.  

A beautiful couple walked past me and told me that I needed to get a handle on things.  I needed to be more decisive for the kids' sake.

My defenses went up and I was ready to fight.

I replied, "it's ok.  They are homeschooled."  --whatever that meant?!  I sure showed them!

Someone behind me sighed.  

I wanted to put one of the paper bags over my head and just pretend that I was robot.  Why? Because robots have no feelings.  

But, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the most beautiful, early 1900's buffet being rolled out of the store.  I quickly snatched up the bags and hollered at the kids to hurry up.

Mommy needed that buffet.

I dragged the kids to every antique shop in town, but to no avail.  It was gone.  

While exiting our last store, I spotted something red and shiny tucked away in the corner.

Upon touch, I knew that I had to get them.

When I got home, I presented the gift to Sergio.

He opened it and smiled back at me. 

It didn't take him long before he proudly walked back into the living room, hands on his hips, and wearing his new, Samurai pants.

Joy conquered.  Anxiety defeated.  

When I woke up, I had a new perspective on life:

No matter the unknowns that come our way, I am confident of this: Sergio looks GREAT in red, Samurai pants. 

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  1. I knew you two bc (before children). I also homeschooled my kids and had good days and bad days (I never remembered my dreams because I was too tired, I think).