Dear Joplin....

12:58 PM

Dear Joplin,

You love well.  Upon our visit, you immediately greeted us with hugs that squeezed our hearts.   You made us feel like we had never left, as if 5 years was more like yesterday.  

You're always good like that.  

In just 3 days, you took the time to invest in our family.  You made sure our kids were cared for, spoken to, and listen to.  You wiped their tears when they had to say another goodbye.  And as I watched you, I remembered, these are not just our kids, they are your kids, too.

Our time with you this weekend was short, but you made it one of my favorites.     

Thank you for reminding us how to love one another well and how to live together missionally.  Joplin is not just some small town in Missouri (but of course, you already knew that).  Joplin is much bigger than the eyes of community can reach. 

Our hearts love yours,
~The Rizos

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