The REAL Snow Day

12:58 PM

This morning, we woke up to a Nashville Winter Wonderland.  This is the most snow Nashville has seen in 12 years.  I am thrilled for you kids.  When we moved from Missouri, I felt that you all would miss out on "snow days" and being "snowed in".   But now, you all know how fun it is to bundle up, play in the snow for only a few minutes before you freeze, and then spend the day snuggling and watching movies.

Our backyard

The wind was at 18mph, so Clara put her coat on backwards to shield her face.  

You turned the dining room chairs into a bed for you and every stuffed animal in the house.

Daddy came home early from work.  Our car would not make it up our long driveway.  

Eliah's boots. 

Daddy & Josiah's Snowball Fight

More Snowballs!

Snowman Building

Fun with Daddy

This is what happened today.  Written by Mommy.

I love you.

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